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This is who we are

Science Retreats promotes innovation in arts and sciences.

We are located at the heart of historical Évora - UNESCO World Heritage Site. Given its small size, privileged location, unique quality of life, historical glamour, and vibrant academic and economic environment, it is one of the Portuguese towns with the greatest potential for growth in the artistic, scientific, and cultural domains. 


We are guided by the following values:​

  • Excellence in management and services provided;

  • Promotion of social cohesion and environmental sustainability: 

  • Uncompromised support for freedom of thought, respect for individual differences, and democratic values. 

This what we do

We foster innovative solutions for a better World

Environmental sustainability and innovation 

Our consultants are committed to R+D+I (research, development, innovation) projects and solutions to environmental problems and for supporting the creation of new markets with positive consequences for social cohesion and environmental sustainability.  

Hands-on training the next generation of professionals

We organize and host courses and workshops for students and professionals in a variety of domains in arts, sciences and humanities, but with strong emphasis in ecology, environment, and sustainability.

Event and meeting host and organiser 

We host small meetings and events at the Casa Morgado Esporão and organize larger conferences elsewhere.

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