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Low Cost Film Making with George Chan from BBC Planet Earth

Atualizado: 25 de set. de 2020

From 19 to 23 October at Casa Morgado Esporão in Portugal runs the 3nd edition of the Low Cost Film Making course with Dr. George Chan

This course teaches how to make short documentaries with Dr. George Chan, collaborator of Sir David Attenborough on the BBC Planet Earth series. With a duration of 5 days, George will guide you through all the stages of creating a short documentary. Each day will combine learning theory with experience and shooting techniques. Each participant will have the opportunity to get involved in every step of the movie making process.

The course accepts a maximum of 15 students. It is ideal for anyone wanting to learn the techniques of documentary filming. Students typically have a background in science, science communication, and marketing. Registration is open until 31 of August 2020 here.

The workshop will be held at Casa Morgado Esporão - "Residência das Artes, Ciências e Humanidades” in Évora, Portugal, from 19 to 23 October.

About George Chan:

"I’ve worked in TV and film for eighteen years after joining the BBC to work with Sir David Attenborough on the series State of the Planet. I’ve been fortunate to travel the world producing and directing on internationally renowned documentaries, such as Planet Earth and Wild China, and I now bring a wealth of high quality broadcast experience to research and enterprise taking place in the UK. My early career started with a PhD in Evolutionary Biology and I have continued to work alongside scientists and researchers on an almost daily basis – translating and bringing discoveries and ideas to life on screen. It’s been a real privilege to be able to film groundbreaking research and meet the people behind it."

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