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The latest invention of Groasis, the Growboxx® plant cocoon, is a biodegradable planting help device that allows you to plant trees in combination with vegetables, shrubs or flowers in the most extreme places facing the most extreme climates. While planting with the Growboxx® plant cocoon, a survival rate of more than 90%* is received and you can save up to 99% water (compared to drip irrigation).

Given that you can now plant a tree in combination with vegetables, bushes or shrubs, the Growboxx® plant cocoon is particularly suitable for different project types. You can plant a fruit tree in combination with vegetables to grow fruit for your family and to save money. But you can also plant native trees in combination with shrubs or flowers to green up neighborhoods or even cities!

The Growboxx® is made from paper pulp and can be used only one-time. For a more detailed explanation, please watch the video. For more technical information, please read the datasheet.

Growboxx® plant cocoon (biodegradable plastic)

80,00 €Preço
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