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5th edition of the Species Distributions Modelling Course

Why do species occur where they do? Where will they occur in the future given current and future environmental changes? How will changes in species distributions affect ecosystem services humans depend upon? These are not just questions of scientific relevance. They are at the core of society's concern for environmental health and human wellbeing.  

In a partnership with research centre CIBIO-UE, we are holding the 5th Species Distributions Modelling Course in November 2018. This is a a highly successful international course, with well known ecologists Miguel B. Araújo and Babak Naimi.

The course is also the longest available with 56 hours on-site with a good balance between theory and practice and including a full day to analyse data and produce a report.

In the end, the students are expected to:

1. Understand the theoretical underpinnings of ecological niche models

2. Understand the strengths and limitations of ecological niche models in the context of different uses

3. Be able to correctly design an ecological niche modelling study for a variety of uses

4. Get started with ecological niche modelling using SDM R.

If you wish to know more or register, check out our web page here.

Notice that early bird discount prices are available until the 30th of June.  

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